• Corey Michael

Innovation at ALL LEVELS

Innovation at Different Levels: From unique individual person to societal level, innovation occurs everywhere! Innovation within a business: 1. Individual Level - creative skills such as idea creation contribute to the company mission. 2. Team Level - address problem in venture or on a team. 3. SBU or Strategic Business Unit - each unit would have a specific purpose to fulfill. Example would be a department in an organization. 4. Organizational Level - various units of business support the primary company mission. These innovations lead to new products or services.

Innovation Beyond the Business: 5. External Environment Inter-Organization Innovation - between two organizations. The value with one organization can be shared with another. 6. Industry Sector Innovation- Industrial sectors. Creative destruction can occur in industry innovation. Creative destruction disrupts a old way of doing things and leads to industry breakthroughs. 7. Marketplace Innovation - where innovation adds value to customers and users. 8. Societal Innovation- across industry sectors and regional marketplaces. New innovations are adopted at different rates and in different geographical and social patterns.


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